Frequently Asked Questions

1.    Help! I can not log in! Your site is giving me a message that my email address is already taken.

You are seeing this information because the registration process in incomplete.  You have to confirm your desire to register by clicking on a link sent to you by our website via email.  The site will send this confirmation email to the exact email address you provided.  Please check your inbox and your spam mail for this confirmation email.  If you have checked your inbox and spam mail and still do not see the confirmation email sent to you please contact us and we will be happy to manually generate a new confirmation email.

2.    How do I retrieve my design(s) after I purchase them?
You will be able to immediately download your design file after the checkout process is complete.  After you checkout through Paypal, you will be automatically re-directed from the Paypal website back to our “Thank You” page here on our website.  This page has download links for each design you purchased.  You will also receive the same links on your receipt which is emailed to you immediately after the transaction is complete. You can also visit your purchase history and generate a new download link for any of your purchased embroidery designs.

3.    I can not access the free design!

You must be a registered member of to view and download any free designs we offer.  Please complete the registration process.

3a.  I have not received my free design!

Your free design is emailed immediately. You may have entered the wrong email address, or it may be in your SPAM folder.  Please add our email address as a contact in your account, check your spam folder and try having the file sent again or try sending to a different email address.  Please note that I do not respond to questions regarding delivery of our free designs.

4. Help! My machine is not showing the design! (There are two possible solutions to this problem)

a. Double check that you are using the actual embroidery file and not the .zip file.  My files are delivered in a zipped folder which must be opened and embroidery files extracted.  The machine can only read a .pes, .dst, .exp .xxx (etc.) file.  Please make sure you have saved the actual embroidery file.  There are countless numbers of videos on which will show you exactly how to extract embroidery files from the .zip folder.

b. You are trying to load a design that is too big for your machine to stitch.  Your machine will not display any design that is sized outside of the embroidery field.  Please note that the embroidery field is different than the embroidery hoop size.  The embroidery field is smaller than the hoop size to ensure that the embroidery needle/foot does not come into contact with the hoop and cause damage.  Check the design file size and make sure your machine can stitch the size design you’re trying to load.

5.    What embroidery file formats are available?
.DST, .EXP, .HUS, .JEF, .PES, .VIP, .VP3, .XXX

6.    Can I sell items I make with your designs?
Absolutely!  You may use my designs to create an embroidered item to sell on Etsy, or at craft shows etc.  BUT you may not re-sell, share or distribute the embroidery file, or digitized design.  To put it simply:  You may use the designs you purchase to create a finished embroidered product to sell.  You may not sell any file you purchase and download from my site.  You may not share or give away for free any embroidery file purchased from my site. You may not alter or re-design my embroidery files and call them your own. You can not create any other digital file including but not limited to cut files (SVG, EPS, Studio etc). This policy is enforced and we do take legal action against anyone who is found to be re-selling or sharing my designs (sad but true).  I reserve the right to request email “receipt” verification at any time from anyone using my designs.

7.    Do you offer refunds?
No.  Due to the electronic nature of my product I can not offer refunds.  Please be sure you are familiar with your embroidery machine and know your limits with hoop sizes before purchasing.

8.    What forms of payment do you accept?
At this time Paypal is the only method of payment we accept.  When using PayPal, you can pay with your bank account, credit card, debit card, check, or PayPal balance.  If paying by eCheck, please note that we do not receive payment until the eCheck clears.  It may take 10-14 business days for payment to be received.  You will be unable to download any file until payment has been received.

PayPal is a very safe and very secure.  You do not have to use a PayPal account to pay with your credit card.  Please visit for more information.

8a. How do I redeem a gift certificate I have for your website?

  1.  select your designs and add them to your shopping cart.
  2.  click the pay with paypal button
  3.  when you get directed to paypal sign into your account. You must use the same account (email) that the gift certificate was sent to.
  4.  you will see a screen asking you how you want to pay.  (Click here for example)   Look toward the bottom and click on the little word “Redeem”
  5.  you will be taken to a page where you will see the actual gift certificate code I sent you. (Click here for example) Check the little box by the gift certificate code.  
  6.  Click Redeem

9.    May I use your images on my website or blog to show potential customers what designs are available?
Absolutely but please read the following carefully – There are exceptions!  We would love to help you grow your business and offering potential customers lots of design options to choose from is a sure fire way to increase sales.  Please feel free to use our design images for that purpose but please do not use our images as artwork or image files for sale.  Please note: you must leave any and all watermarks in place.  Any image that bears a watermark of another company may not be used without their permission.  Re-selling or sharing any digital file (embroidery or picture files) obtained from this site is forbidden.

10.    Can you create a custom embroidery file for me?
Not at this time.  I am currently working tirelessly making your favorite place to shop for embroidery designs! =)  However, if you have an idea for a new design that you’d like to see on, please let me know!  I get the best inspiration and design ideas from all of you!

Please note – I am not able to use any licensed artwork (company logos not owned by you, School Logos, or Characters like Spiderman, Mickey Mouse etc.) to create an embroidery file.

11.    Will you re-size your designs for me?
Unfortunately at this time, I am not able to do custom requests for re-sizing.

12.    Do you sell iron on patches?
No.  The items for sale are downloadable files for your embroidery machine.  You must have an embroidery machine to use the products for sale.

13.    I create digital clip art.  Are you interested in using my work?
Yes!  Very interested!  Please contact me.

14. Can I be a “tester” for your designs?

At this time I test all my designs before they are listed on my site.  I appreciate the offer and may in the future request assistance with testing.